You’ve probably heard about speed dating through films and the media or maybe a friend has even tried it but are you still a little baffled about what really goes on at one of these events? Who attends them, where do they take place and why do people put themselves out there to date a bunch of strangers? I’m going to draw on my experiences as a host of speed dating and singles events to answer some of these questions.

What happens at a speed dating event?

Well with Singles Events Melbourne it depends on which event you attend but they mostly follow the same structure. In a nutshell, you attend an event, you may get free drinks & food as part of the ticket for the event, one of our amazing hosts will hand you a match card, you do some speed dating, you use the match cards to write down the names of the speed dates and also tick yes or no next to their names, the event ends and then you would get an email the next day with your match results!

Depending on the event you attend, you can expect to meet between 12 and 16 singles of the opposite sex in the one night! At our speed dating event, for example, you could meet up to 16 singles. Whereas at our Singles Trivia Night, you could meet up to 24 singles! Speed dating is about meeting new people and of course hopefully finding a romantic partner but it doesn’t stop at that! The best thing about speed dating is that you also make friends! It could be of the same sex or even the opposite sex.

Once the speed dating starts, the host will ask everyone to be seated. In more cases than none, the females get to park themselves in the same seat all night whilst the men would be the ones to stand up and move tables once the timer is up.

Speed dates usually go for about 7 minutes. If there were 28 singles at the event, that would mean that there will be 14 tables laid out and of course, there would be 14 couples speed dating away. We would get through 7 of the speed dates, have a 15-minute break to get a drink, go to the bathroom or what have you before we finish the last 7 speed dates.

At the end the event, the match cards are handed back to the hosts and you would receive an email with your match results the next day.

And it’s as easy as that!

Who Turns Up?

Anyone! You might have a preconceived idea about the kind of person or ‘type’ that you might come across but after hosting many events I can honestly say that ALL kinds of people attend.

Business owners, professional/corporate workers, students, extroverts/introverts, tradies, single parents, people that have just moved to the area or from another country, people with friends that are all married, individuals from all nationalities as well as people with every kind of body type/look and from different socioeconomic backgrounds. The one thing you all have in common is you’re single and are looking to meet new people and expand your social network.

The majority of speed dating events have an age range that will ensure you are dating people of a similar age to you. Some events have a theme such as ‘Fitness Singles’ or ‘Trivia Night’. This allows you to meet people with similar interests, hobbies or values.

Why do people attend these events?

Who can be bothered with the crap you get with online? Or the garbage you get in clubs or bars? From drunken idiots to snotty attitudes, it can be so messy. And what about the superficiality of online dating & app dating? Puhlease.. don’t people use tinder and swipe whilst on the toilet? People who attend Our Speed Dating Events are either looking for a partner or are looking to create friendships. The best part about it is that everyone has paid for a ticket to be there. Many girls have formed a bond, guys have become mates and each other’s future ‘wingman’ and business contacts established. Often groups that have bonded during the night head off to a party afterward.

People who are after something a bit more casual don’t usually tend to go to speed dating events as there are easier and faster ways to do this with all the apps and digital technology available.

Everyone who attends is generally open-minded, friendly and the majority of the time probably just as nervous as you! Some people are just better at hiding it. The more you do it, the easier it becomes!

That’s a basic overview of what to expect so why not give speed dating a go! You’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to gain! Register here

“There is only one happiness in life – to love and be loved”

Happy dating!

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