We’ve had so many people come from competitors and tell us that is complete BS. So instead of us trying to convince you of something like they are, we want you to think about this logically. At our events for example, we have had people cancel 1 hour prior to an event for the most random reasons like “car accident”, “trains are cancelled”, “I’m sick”. A few times we’ve even had guests simply not show up on a $69 ticket! So you see, this is how we know it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to ALWAYS get even numbers when you simply have no control over the lives of ticket holders and what situations they face on the day. So if a competitor guarantees that every event is even, then something smells fishy… probably fish.

However, one way to almost guarantee even numbers is to have the hosts/owners mates on the go ready to fill the odd seat. So if you read that a competitor guarantees even numbers, do not believe a word of it as it is a ploy to steer you away from their competitors under false pretence.

Singles Events Melbourne would never promise you something that is unrealistic. 90% of the time we have even numbers, 10% of the time we may be out by one or two, 100% of the time, we won’t lie to you like our competitors do.

Single people! 🙂 People like you. Most people who attend speed dating events have either tried online dating and are sick of the games and want to meet real people, or have tried public bars but cannot deal with loud venues & drunk people. Everyone who attends our events simply want to meet new people who are single. It’s as simple as that. They are from all walks of life & professions.
One day, we are going to have a pyjama speed dating event. One day. But any other regular event, there is no dress code really. Jeans, slacks, summer dress.. Wear what you feel comfortable in. What you wear is a direct reflection of who you are. So take it from the experts, be yourself and dress comfortably!

You can buy tickets at the door for events such as our singles parties which we run on a monthly basis. As for every other event that we hold like speed dating or singles trivia nights, we must have tickets purchased prior to the event so that we know how many are coming. We need to create name tags, match cards, organise catering and many other things. We also need to control the male to female ratio the best we can to make sure that we have even dates on the night.

Yes! You can buy as many tickets as you need. At checkout, there is a section for you to fill out other details for a mate. In that section, you will need to add their: FULL NAME |  NATIONALITY/ETHNICITY | D.O.B. | POST CODE | EMAIL | MOBILE. We need to know who is attending our events.

Bring photo ID in case you need to identify yourself to our host, and in case you want to have a drink at the bar. And don’t forget to bring a good attitude!

100% safe. We use don’t use a free website encryption like our competitors do. We use a RapidSSL-G3 security encryption which actually costs hundreds each year to ensure our website is safe.

You sure do. Certain events also include unlimited bubbly, wine, soft drink or water. We also offer catering for some events. Singles Events Melbourne will never feed you cheap food like party pies or sausage rolls! We usually order off the menu at any given venue and we like to choose wholesome foods where possible. Occasionally we will order a bowl of fries alongside other dishes like arancini balls, chicken skewers, sliders, sushi rolls etc. Please be sure you read the event description for each event to see what is included. If you have special diet requirements, contact us so we can arrange it for you.


    • [step1], On the ‘Tools’ menu, click ‘Options’.
    • [step2], On the ‘Preferences’ tab, under email, click ‘Junk email’.
    • [step3], Click the ‘Safe Senders’ or ‘Safe Recipients’ tab.
    • [step4], Click ‘Add’.

    • [step 1], Go to your inbox.
    • [step 2], Select Options from the top right (Looks like a picture of a gear. Next to where your name is).
    • [step 3], In the “Mail” section, select “Safe and blocked senders” (under Junk email/Preventing junk email).
    • [step 4], Click “Safe senders”
    • [step 5], Enter our website address “www.singlesevents.melbourne
    • [step 6], Click “Add to list” or click the + button.
    • (step 7], Save!

    • [step1], Open your Yahoo mailbox.
    • [step2], Click the address book icon under the ‘Yahoo! Mail’ logo. When you roll your mouse over it, it will say ‘Contacts’.
    • [step3], Click ‘New Contact’.
    • [step4], Enter our sending email ‘invitation@singlesevents.melbourne’.
    • [step5], Click Save.

    • [step1], Check to see if our email is going to your ‘Promotions Tab’
    • [step2], DRAG the email from the ‘Promotions Tab’ into your ‘Primary Tab’ (see image below)
    • [step3], Find question: ‘Do this for future messages from invitation@singlesevents.melbourne?’
    • [step4], Click ‘Yes’

Click the image below to view it larger

We have trained our turtles to sort out your matches but they are still pretty slow. So the turn around time for matches are within 24 hours.
We hate mean people. Our guests & staff are our number one priority. We’ve never had to remove anyone from an event before but we will not hesitate if we find anyone acting inappropriately. Management reserves the right to refuse entry. We also reserve the right to ask you to leave after being granted entry for reasons such as intoxication, aggression, bullying or any other negative type behaviour that may put our guests, staff and our reputation at risk.
A: Yes! We would absolutely love that! It will help us a lot if you send us a testimonial via the Contact Me form so we can add it to the site. This helps other people see that singles like yourself are coming to our events with confidence. Please read below for all the legal stuff.

x.1 If you submit a testimonial/praise to us using the “testimonial” button in the Contact Me form, then you agree that we may publish your testimonial on this website, together with your name and any logo/photo/profile that may represent you.

x.2 You further agree that we may edit the testimonial and publish edited or partial versions of the testimonial. However, we will never edit a testimonial in such a way as to create a misleading impression of your views. In other words, we may correct spelling & grammar or shorten it if it’s too long.