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Tall Peeps Speed Dating!

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Tall Peeps Speed Dating is a perfect way to meet some TALL PEOPLE! Where else are you going to meet TALL peeps that are single and want to meet other TALL peeps?

Minimum height requirement for this event would be around the 6-foot mark. If you fall short by one or two inches, it wouldn’t be a big deal but please consider other tall people when purchasing a ticket to this event.

As a part of the event, we also include finger food in case you’ve just arrived from work. Our rockstar staff will greet you at the door and show you around the venue. After this, we will have a bit of time for mingling before we start the speed dates!

You get the chance to chat with each other on individual tables/couches for 7 minutes at a time. On the night we hand you a match card where you will fill in your date’s name and tick yes or no next to their name. If you tick yes to someone and that particular person has ticked yes to you, that’s a match! We then send you each other’s details the next day. Simple and efficient.

Just like all of our speed dating events at Singles Events Melbourne, we do have an age criterion that you must meet in order to attend and the age is always included as a part of the event and ticket information. So please be sure you are buying tickets to an event that is suited for your age.

If you haven’t registered for event invitations, do it now! We will send you an invite once we create a new event for you and that way, you will never miss an opportunity.

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Tall Peeps Speed Dating | F 26-39, M 28-42 | June

Thu - June 20 @ 7:00 pm - 9:15 pm

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