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    • [step 1], On the Tools menu, tap Options.
    • [step 2], On the Preferences tab, under email, tap Junk email.
    • [step 3], Tap the Safe Senders or Safe Recipients tab.
    • [step 4], Tap Add.
    • [step 1], Go to your inbox.
    • [step 2], Select Options from the top right (Looks like a picture of a gear. Next to where your name is).
    • [step 3], In the “Mail” section, select “Safe and blocked senders” (under Junk email/Preventing junk email).
    • [step 4], Tap “Safe senders”
    • [step 5], Enter our website address “
    • [step 6], Tap “Add to list” or tap the + button.
    • (step 7], Save!
  • YAHOO:
    • [step 1], Open your Yahoo mailbox.
    • [step 2], Tap the address book icon under the Yahoo! Mail logo. When you roll your mouse over it, it will say “Contacts”.
    • [step 3], Tap “New Contact”.
    • [step 4], Enter our sending email ““.
    • [step 5], Tap Save.
  • GMAIL:
    • [step 1], Check to see if our email is going to your “Promotions Tab”
    • [step 2], DRAG the email from the “Promotions Tab” into your “Primary Tab” (see image below)
    • [step 3], Find question: “Do this for future messages from”
    • [step 4], Tap Yes 

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