Help us get on Channel 7’s Sunrise show!


We have started a new Outdoor Fitness Speed Dating event which will be a lot of fun! These events are supposed to be on the weekend but for the first one, it will be on the 24th of October which is a Thursday morning. This is so we can have our first event cross LIVE on Channel 7’s Sunrise! HOW EXCITING!

How can you help??

First: You must buy a ticket to the event. Don’t worry, you’ll get a refund! After you’ve finished your training session, we will refund your ticket purchase. It’s our way of saying thank you!

Second: You attend the event and have a great workout with us. We’ll have a professional personal trainer there guiding you through some fun exercises that will still allow you enough breath to chat with your dates.

Third: To celebrate, we’ll go out for breakfast on the house! So not only will we refund your $49, we’ll also pay for your breakfast! Even if they have lobster on the menu, i’m buying! 🙂

What level of fitness?

ALL level of fitness is 100% fine! Our personal trainer is a pro! Remember, we are teaming up as partners so each exercise will be partner orientated so you can chat and get to know each other.

How much TV exposure will I get?

Don’t worry! You will only be in the background and we may get 1 or 2 people to talk to the camera for about 10 seconds. If you don’t want to talk to the camera, then no worries!! You don’t have to. You can just keep on working out in the background.


The deadline is 30th of September at 10am! You need to get your tickets NOW not later! We need to tell Channel 7 by September 30th at 10am. We need 10 males and 10 females. If we cannot get the numbers, we cannot be filmed and I may cry a little. Just saying.

The event details:
6am – 8am Thursday 24th October

Please do not delay!
Get your tickets now NOT later!!

Text me to discuss more:
0415 584 937

Book your ticket ASAP

Call us! 1800 851 841
Text us! 0415 584 937

Our team are ready to answer all of your questions and help you get started.