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Morning Maxwell

One of Melbourne’s best DJs. Also being a music producer, Morning Maxwell brings energy, nudity and happiness to the house scene. From Wah Wah Lounge to massive music festivals, Morning Maxwell will rock your nipples off.

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Professional Dancers

For your entertainment, we provide you with Melbourne’s leading stage & back up dancers. Busting moves out of the wazoo! We hope you enjoy.

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Catwalk Competition

We are famous for our catwalk competition. We will pick 3 random males & 3 random females to flaunt their stuff on the catwalk. Crowd will decide the winners and very expensive bottles of champagne are given out to the winners.

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“KISS ME” frame

We’ve had our “KISS ME” frame since the start and we bring it to every singles party we throw. This frame will get you lot kissing all over the shop. If there is someone cute you wanna kiss, be sure to stand next to them as we walk by!

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Photos from our 2016 Singles Party!