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Professionals Speed Dating is the perfect event for the professional who prefers to date another professional. Your workplace doesn’t have to be in an office. It could be a trade, a restaurant, a landscape, a photographer, a designer, a teacher, whatever! As long as you have a professional job, you are good to go. People who attend Professionals Speed Dating are looking to date others who also work. Book in!

These events are held in the CBD and are the perfect way to search for your special someone whilst still keeping your weekend plans! We have picked the coolest venues in the CBD that will make you feel nice and relaxed.

Once you arrive, our friendly hosts will greet you at the door and show you around. We’ll have cool sounds playing over the speakers and we’ll have some nibbles at the bar for you to enjoy whilst we wait for all guests to arrive. After a little time for mingling, we’ll start the speed dating!

You get the chance to chat with each other on individual tables/couches for 7 minutes at a time. On the night we hand you a match card where you will fill in your date’s name and tick yes or no next to their name. If you tick yes to someone and that particular person ticks yes to you, that’s a match! We then send you each other’s details within 24 hours.

Half way through the night we break so you can stretch your legs, eat more nibbles, and top up your drinks before we finish off the rest of the speed dates! For more detailed info about what happens on the night, checkout our article on Speed Dating.

This age group is for 30-42 however remember that as a part of our Terms, we allow a 12 month leeway for the age specified for any event we hold. So if you are 29, you may attend as you are within the 12 months. If you are 43, you are over 12 months so you cannot attend this one and must attend the next age bracket up.

Please bring photo ID

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