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Fitness Speed Dating

No matter what fitness level you are and no matter what type of fitness you do, you get to go speed dating where everyone at the event has an active lifestyle like you! Fitness Speed Dating is for those who prefer to date someone who is active. We get asked for examples of fitness all the time. We feel that as long as you live a healthy, active lifestyle, you are fine to attend this event.

Frequently ask question:
Q. What if i’m not fit enough? (commonly asked question)
A. This isn’t a competition to see who has more abs! This is an event for those who live an active lifestyle. If you are active, you are good to go! Some examples of an active lifestyle are listed below.

Event info:
Once you arrive, our friendly hosts will greet you at the door and show you around. We’ll have cool sounds playing over the speakers and we’ll have some nibbles at the bar for you to enjoy whilst we wait for all guests to arrive. After a little time for mingling, we’ll start the speed dating!

You get the chance to chat with each other on individual tables/couches for 7 minutes at a time. On the night we hand you a match card where you will fill in your date’s name and tick yes or no next to their name. If you tick yes to someone and that particular person ticks yes to you, that’s a match! We then send you each other’s details within 24 hours.

Halfway through the night we break so you can stretch your legs, maybe do a few squats (this is a joke by the way! …or is it?) before we finish off the rest of the speed dates! We may throw a few burpees in there for you! For more detailed info about what happens on the night, check out our article on Speed Dating 101.

This age group is for 40-56, however, remember that as a part of our Terms, we allow a 24-month leeway for any event that is 40 plus. Maximum age for the ladies is 53. Maximum age for men is 57.

Please bring photo ID to all of our events.

Examples of an active lifestyle:

• Going for walks before/after work
• Going for runs before/after work
• Cycling as a hobby
• Salsa dancing as a hobby etc (or any type of dancing really)
• Playing some sort of sport as a hobby (tennis, footy, netball, cricket, soccer etc)
• Cardio training at the gym on a bike/cross trainer/treadmill to keep fit/burn calories
• Attending group fitness classes at the gym like Body Step, Body Combat, BoxFit, Body Pump, Body Attack, etc
• Weight training at the gym to gain strength, size or tone up
• Seeing a personal trainer
• Attending F45
• Attending Crossfit
• Attending boot camp
• Overall fitness and having an active lifestyle is a great example of fitness.

You get the idea now right?

Remember, it’s not about how you look. It’s about the healthy lifestyle you live. So if you think you have the energy to keep up, come along!

Dress code:
Although we do encourage you being in comfortable attire, we do ask that you are dressed neatly.

For special dietary requirements, please contact us after you’ve purchased your tickets.

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