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We are filming our fantastic Double Trouble event so that means FREEBIE FOR YOU! You must be ok with the cameras rolling. We won’t have a big filming set or anything, the event will go ahead as per normal. We’ll just be there filming.

Please fill in the application form below. We need a link to your Facebook profile so that we can select a diverse bunch of rockstars for this event!

Q: Will this be an actual event?
A: Yes! This free event will be the exact same as if you paid $55 for it. You will be speed dating, you will be bar hopping, we will have an after party, you will have an awesome time!




It’s time to rock out your Friday night with a double dating speed dating event in Melbourne CBD! Start your wicked Friday night with this awesome event that has you bar hopping from 1 bar to the next to your next series of speed daters! If you’re the type who feels more comfortable partying with a wingman, then the Melbourne’s famous, Double Trouble Speed Dating event is your answer!

Oh! Did we mention the after party? More details on the night.

Q: What if i don’t have a wingman?
A: Most people don’t! We will team you up with someone on the night.

Q: Any free drinks?
A: Usually we do but this event is free so you must purchase your own drinks.

The lowdown:
You rock up to the event and we tee you up with a wingman for the night. You could even rock up with a wingman of your own! But most guys and girls come alone and we pair them up with a wingman. Whatever the case, you and your wingman go on a series of double dates that rotate through 3 awesome bars within walking distance on Hardware Lane in the CBD. During the night, you will be hopping from bar to bar, meeting new singles at each new place!

We will have 1 host at each venue to greet and guide you through the night. All hosts will be keeping an eye on the time to make sure everything runs smoothly. All hosts will be communicating with each other to synchronise the speed dating so that everyone at all venues is speed dating at the same time. Once you have met everyone at your venue, your host will provide direction to your next venue to meet new singles! The best way to go speed dating in Melbourne CBD on a Friday night!

This age group is for 20-32 however remember that as a part of our Terms, we allow a 12 month leeway for the age specified for any event we hold. So if you are 19 (even 18 we don’t mind), you may attend as you are within the 12 months. If you are 33, you are over 12 months so you cannot attend this one.

Please bring photo ID

Dress code:
You are going to be on camera. So dress up a little!

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Photos from a previous Double Trouble event: